PPG Sign-up Form

The Patient Participation Group (or PPG) has been set up by the five GP Practices who work together in Connexus Primary Care Network:

  • Birchwood Medical Practice
  • Nightingale Valley Practice
  • Priory Surgery
  • Stockwood Medical Centre
  • Wells Road Surgery

We will use the  PPG is to provide a forum for patients to give feedback on the services offered by the Practices and by the Primary Care Network and make suggestions for how they can be improved.

We plan to do regular monthly surveys which you can respond to either on line or by post (if you are unable to use either of these methods please let us know). 

There will also be the opportunity to join on-line focus group discussions on specific topics.

We will give regular feedback on the issues raised by members of the PPG. 

Unfortunately some things are outside our control but we will let you know if there is nothing we can do, and where possible signpost you to someone who can help.

In the future we hope to hold meetings and events where you can meet members of the team and find out more about what we can offer, however for the remainder of this year we will operate on-line only.

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