New Patients

We are registering new patients all the time. If you are new to the area or are not already registered with a GP it could not be easier to register with us.

REGISTER DIGITALLY NOW – Simply fill in the digital online form via this link.

We do not require ID to register with a general service with us, but if to enable access to online services we will need proof of ID – after all, you would not want anyone to have access to your confidential data without us first identifying them, would you?

If you have any problems with the online form, please click here to access a registration form which you can print off, complete and bring in to us or call us on 0117 330 4223 / 4225 to obtain further information on how to register with us.

We are accepting out of catchment area registrations so please take a look at our policy for more information.

Proof of ID is not mandatory but helps to ensure that we can best serve patients living locally – But it is mandatory for access to online services

Accepted forms of identification:

  • Photo identity, such as your passport or driving licence
  • Proof of address, such as a recent council tax bill or utility bill (a gas, electricity, water or phone bill, but not a mobile phone bill)

Please speak to us if you have are experiencing difficulties in providing 2 forms of identification so we can assist you in getting registered as proof of identity is not mandatory.

Our registration process also requires you to complete a patient questionnaire – this helps you to receive care until your records have been transferred to us from your previous care provider. It won’t take long to complete and staff are happy to assist if you need them to. We have easy read versions of this form if required.

We are on facebook so please come and follow us for regular updates and helpful health advice and guidance.

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