Blood Tests & Wound Care

Blood Tests

There may be occasions where one of our GPs or our practice nursing team requires you to attend the practice for a blood test.

This is usually where we are checking for an illness or ruling something out.

The results are sent off to a laboratory and we usually receive the results in 3-7 days – depending on what your blood is being tested for.

It is the responsibility of the patient to call the practice for their test results and we ask patients to do this after 2.30pm when our phone lines are quieter.

The GP will have reviewed your test results and the receptionist can advise you whether they are normal or whether you require a follow up with the GP.

The Practice does not undertake blood tests for the hospital unless they are part of specified ongoing treatments involving INRs for warfarin management or methotrexate.
All tests that are required by the hospital must be undertaken by the hospital and you should be booked in to see a hospital phlebotomist.

Why is this?

The clinician who requests the test is responsible for reading the test results correctly. The reason a person may be under a consultant at a hospital is for specialist advice. A GP practice cannot and should not do these blood tests as the result would come back to the GP and not the specialist as they should do. A GP cannot take responsibility for reading the test results for a specialist consultant

For more information on what happens when blood is taken please click here

Wound Care

Our practice is keen to support patients receiving wound care in the community setting but this cannot always be undertaken due to high demands on nursing services.

GP Practices are contracted to provide some wound care but over time this has become excessive and the funding for this service does not cover the work required. Nursing services in GP practices are contracted to provide chronic disease management which includes asthma, diabetes, COPD, CHD and hypertension.

If we provided wound care for all the cases we were asked to then we would not be able to see patients with chronic diseases.

What should happen?

If you have had surgery in hospital, the hospital should arrange post op wound care for you. If you are too unwell to leave your home the hospital should arrange for the district nursing team to manage your care. If you are not housebound, the hospital should arrange wound care management in their outpatient departments.

Due to demand on nurse appointments it is usually 2 weeks before the surgery can book you in for wound care management.

If you require compression bandaging also known as 4 layer bandaging we can only provide this for a limited period of time and not for patients who require this service for the foreseeable future.

Please contact the Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group as we have also notified them that this is an area that requires investment to support patients. Click here for a link to their feedback page.

Where we can accommodate you we will. However, please do be understanding if we do not have appointments due to high demand. It is not possible to employ more people to provide a service that we are not funded to provide.

It is our role in the practice to provide safe care and we can only do this if we direct blood test results to the specialists to read them and also provide a reasonable amount of services without creating risk to existing services – we do hope you understand this.

Please note this is affecting most GP practices and not just our practice. Thank you for your continued support.