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🗣📣 You said – The practice needs more training and support for autistic patients

👂 We listened

✅ We took action!

We spoke with the teams that specialise in supporting autistic people and people with learning disabilities at North Bristol Trust and University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust. We also liaised with the Bristol branch of the National Autism Society. We reviewed the Healthwatch feedback on six ways to improve services for autistic people.

As a result of this joined up working, together we created a training video for staff through the lived experiences of an autistic person. This has been rolled out to all staff and forms part of our induction for new staff. We have also developed a new page on our website detailing how we can help patients in the practice and other resources to help patients as well as links to the hospitals so a patient can be supported end to end in their care journey. The support is available to autistic patients and those with learning disabilities and may assist friends and family who care for them.

A member of our team is autistic so we are looking forward to their feedback as well as yours so we can continue to improve.