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🗣📣 You said – We need access to more appointments and less waiting!

👂 We listened

✅ We took action!

We have 1 GP on maternity leave and 1 GP vacancy that we have been trying to fill for several months.

😭 Unfortunately, there are simply not enough GPs for the number of vacancies in Bristol – or nationally for that matter!

💭 So, we had to think outside of the box to find a way of giving you more appointments.

We have engaged remote GPs and advanced medical practitioners to support you.

❓ What does this mean for you?

✅ More appointment availability

✅ You will still be seen if you need to be seen

✅ A GP/Advanced medical practitioner will still call you first if they think your condition can be managed over the phone and may do a video call

✅ We can support you better with more access to GP services

✅ Whether the GP is sat in an office in our building or sat in an office in a different building will not impact on whether you need to be followed up face to face with a GP in the practice

We have another GP going on maternity leave in September so we had to ensure that during the time they are absent we have cover. We continue to be supported by the amazing Dr Mahmud and Dr Sproat during this period to assist with ongoing continuity of care for you.

⚠️ We do expect there to be some teething issues whilst we get this set up – but other GP surgeries that use this service say it has been a welcome addition.

✅ The external GPs are audited regularly and the Livi GP service has been rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission – so who better than them to support you and us!

🧑‍2🧑‍ Our patient survey results were that 50% of patients want exclusively face to face and the other 50% are happy with either telephone 📞 or face to face – so we have amended our appointments and we are seeing over 50% of patients for pre-bookable patient appointments.

📲 And, don’t forget you can submit an e-consult on our website.

Help us to help you by accessing the NHS 111 symptom checker – the more people we have accessing the right care at the right time – the better we can help you.

♥️ Thank you for your ongoing support.