Detecting Cancer Early – Lung Cancer

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symptoms of lung cancer

Detecting cancer early can significantly improve treatment outcomes for you.

At Birchwood we understand how worrying it is during the pandemic and you may not want to come and see your GP about things that are troubling you.

BUT it is so important that you do.

We will regularly be sharing information on Facebook and our website about signs to watch out for. We hope these will be a prompt for you to contact us and get help as soon as possible.

Today’s topic is Lung Cancer.

Lung Cancer Symptoms
Lung cancer doesn’t always cause symptoms in its early stages. Many of the signs and symptoms can also be caused by other medical conditions but finding lung cancer early can mean that it’s easier to treat. So if you notice any symptoms or changes get them checked out by your GP as soon as possible.

The most common symptoms of lung cancer are:

🔸 having a cough most of the time

🔸 having a change in a cough you have had for a long time – it may sound different or be painful when you cough

🔸 getting out of breath doing the things you used to do without a problem

🔸 coughing up phlegm (sputum) with blood in it having an ache or pain in the chest or shoulder chest infections that keep coming back or a chest

🔸 infection that doesn’t get better

🔸 losing your appetite

🔸 feeling tired all the time (fatigue)

🔸 losing weight

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