Urgent Prescription Request Policy

We experience a large volume of requests for prescriptions every day. In order to safely and efficiently carry this out we have a policy for issuing acute prescriptions. The full policy is detailed below the list of medication.

Medications other than the ones in this list will not be routinely issued on an urgent basis. Requests for routine prescription renewal would require 72 hours for the script to be processed for collection. If you request prescriptions through a pharmacy or other 3rd party this may take longer as the 72 hours service level agreement commences when the practice receives the prescription NOT when you make the request via a 3rd party.




We receive a large volume of requests for prescriptions every day. In order to safely and efficiently undertake this function we have made a standard policy framework outlining the process and what drugs constitute and acute and urgent prescriptions. The management of urgent prescriptions support patients safely through less surgery interruptions and enabling the GPs to work uninterrupted.


  • When urgent medication is requested practices must establish whether it is the fault of the practice and the script was not produced as requested or the patient has left the request too late.
  • If the practice establishes that this is not an error on the practices part, check against the provided list of medications classed by the Practice as urgent.
  • If the prescription is deemed to be urgent, explain to the patient that it will be ready by 6pm that day, if the request is deemed not to be urgent the patient will be informed the request will be ready within 72 hours and that this will have no detriment to their health.
  • Patients who repeatedly request their prescriptions on an urgent basis will receive a letter warning them that they must comply with the Practice’s Policy or potentially face removal from the Practice.
  • Patients should be reminded that requests for routine prescriptions should be made well in advance to avoid medical lapses.
  • Patients who do not comply with the policy will on the first occasion receive a confirmation via text or letter reminding them of the process and on any subsequent occasion will receive a letter from the practice clearly stating the process and consequences of ignoring the policy.
  • In line with our standard prescription request policy no more than 2 month’s worth of medication will be provided unless it is under repeat dispensing or a contraceptive pill. This also aligns to and NHSE recommendations to reduce medication wastage and ensure patient safety.