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Hay fever is usually worse between late March and September, especially when it’s warm, humid and windy. This is when the pollen count is at its highest. Here is a link to the NHS web page on Hay Fever for full info.

The majority of high strength treatments for hay fever are now available to purchase at your local pharmacy. GPs will no longer be able to give routine prescriptions for hay fever treatments. This is BNSSG Integrated Care Board (ICB) Guidelines.

Here is a link to the Local NHS Pathway – where OTC is mentioned – this is where patients are expected to pay “Over The Counter” for the medication. Hopefully, this will help, as it is better to get OTC treatment now than wait for an appointment to be told you need to go to a pharmacy and pay for the medication. We want to support you to get the right care at the right time.

We will review prescription requests for Fexofenadine 180mg, Flixonase nasules, Fluticasone Propionate, Azelastine where they have been prescribed on or after the 1st April 2022. Requests for these medications where it has not been provided in this period will be declined and you will initially be directed to the pharmacy. Fexofenadine 120mg is available without a prescription and will not be prescribed.

Please do not be offended if we refer you to a pharmacy. It is important we do not use appointments for services and medications that are available at your local pharmacy. Where you try pharmacy recommended first line options and these are unsuccessful, please contact the practice via econsult/phone/in person as an appointment may be required with ANP/GP for new medication.