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We will be texting or posting (where mobile numbers not held) the letter below to all patients with either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes – it is important to not ignore your symptoms – please get in touch if they change or worsen.

Dear Patient,

Re: Your Diabetes review

We are writing to everyone who is still awaiting a diabetes annual review. We wanted to update you as we continue working to catch up on appointments that have been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a consequence of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the roll out of the vaccination programme, as well as the need for stricter infection control procedures and social distancing, we have had to change the way we are able to provide routine diabetes annual review appointments. These very necessary changes are intended to keep both you and our staff as safe as possible, but it does mean that we are not able to see everyone as quickly as would have been possible in the past. Unfortunately, this means that some people may need to wait much longer than usual for their diabetes review.

In order to ensure that we can look after everyone fairly and safely, NHS England has recommended that we organise our appointments differently, to ensure that the people we are most concerned about are seen first.

If you are awaiting a diabetes review, either from the surgery or from your diabetes team at the hospital or elsewhere and are concerned about your diabetes, please call us to let us know your concern. We can then arrange for a diabetes nurse or a doctor to call you to discuss your concern and decide whether or not you need an earlier appointment. We would be particularly keen to hear from you if you are concerned about any of the following:

· difficulties with blood sugar control or diabetes symptoms worse than normal for you(the 4Ts-toilet, thirsty, tiredness and getting thinner)

· a new or worsening foot or eye problem

· recurrent infections

· if you are struggling with your mental health

· if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy

· if you have had a recent ambulance call-out, A&E attendance or emergency hospital admission because of your diabetes and have not yet heard from us about it.

While you are awaiting your diabetes review, please see the resources available from the NHS and Diabetes UK to help support you: 

Type 1s


Type 2s

Yours sincerely,

Birchwood Medical Practice