Appointment Arrivals

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We’ve had some well-meaning patients arriving for their appointments more than 5 minutes early which has meant they’ve had to wait outside for unnecessarily long periods of time. This additional time increases your risk of being exposed to Covid-19.

We are also aware that sometimes we are running late and we are concerned that patients are waiting for additional time with a combination of this and arriving early.

Our lovely Lead Nurse, Charlotte, has raised this and made changes to nurse appointment sessions to reduce the chance of overrunning but we need your help to arrive on time and not early.

Also, our nurses may ask you to book a further appointment if you wish to discuss additional health areas as they need to stick run to time for what you have been booked in for and then be able to clean the room between patients and have the next patients brought in at their scheduled time.

This pandemic is still pretty challenging in the GP setting. If you know you need to discuss more than 1 issue, please advise the patient coordinator when you make the appointment so we can find a more suitable time for you. We can even book follow up telephone calls for issues that you do not need to be seen for.

You are wonderful patients and we want to ensure we keep you updated and don’t have you waiting outside – especially in this terrible weather we are having! ❤️