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Birchwood Medical Practice

Phone:0117 330 4223
Phone:0117 330 4225

Copies of records
Access to view records, paper & computerised (per 30 mins) FREE IF Subject Access Request (SAR)
Copy of computerised notes FREE WHERE HELD
Coroners report (extract from records only) £40.00
Photocopies of Patient Records FREE IF SAR
Statement of Fact £25.00
Certificates, Forms & Letters
Blue Badge Form £20.00
Health club certificate of fitness to exercise £30.00
Power of Attorney Full Form             £110.00
Power of Attorney Short Form £50.00
Private Prescription £15.00
Private Sick Note  £25.00
To Whom it May Concern Letters & Medical Reports (e.g. Solicitors, schools, colleges)
* Final Fee depends on time taken to complete the non standard paperwork
Minimum fee £20*
Travel Card Application Forms £20.00


Medical Reports – Solicitors, Employers, Social Services, Pre-employment including HGV, LGV, PCV, Taxi (excluding insurance proposals)

Full examination and report £110.00
Report and opinion, no examination £80.00
Report on a pro-forma (20 minutes) £60.00
Adoption and Fostering: Form AH/AH2 (Adult Health Report/ Assessment for prospective carer) with Medical Examination £110.00
Adoption and Fostering: Form AH/AH2 (Adult Health Report/ Assessment for prospective carer) NO Medical Examination £80.00
DVLA Report £40.00
ESA Report  NHS
Military Medical / Report £65.00
PIP Report (When not requested by patient) £33.50
Medical Reports - Insurance
General Practitioners Report (GPR) - Insurance £104.00
General Practitioners Report (GPR) Supplementary Reports / Questionnaires - Insurance
(May be charged in addition to full report fee)
Immunisation & Travel
Typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria, polio and Hepatitis A NHS
Hepatitis B - People in at risk groups NHS
Holiday insurance certificate £30.00
International certificate of vaccination £30.00
Fitness to travel certificate £35.00
Freedom from Infection Certificate £30.00
Holiday Cancellation Form £35.00
Holiday cancellation insurance does not require a doctor’s letter.  It needs an official claim form obtained from your insurer, part of which you need to complete.  If the doctor is required to sign the form it will be checked and completed as appropriate and there is a fee for this.
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