Transplant service at 'breaking point'

A leading transplant surgeon says that services are struggling to keep up with demand.

Detailed images of baby heart inside the womb

New technology could improve the care of babies with congenital heart diseases.

'Baby Grady' gives fertility hope to boys with cancer

A new approach could preserve fertility for boys having cancer treatment - thanks to a baby monkey.

Advertising watchdog rules fake autism 'cure' adverts must stop

The advertising watchdog is targeting practitioners of Cease therapy, which has no scientific basis.

Assisted dying: Doctors' group adopts neutral position

The Royal College of Physicians votes to adopt a neutral position on helping terminally ill patients die.

Hancock criticised over DNA test 'over reaction'

England's health secretary said it had saved his life by revealing a "higher risk of prostate cancer".

IVF ethics pioneer Mary Warnock dies

The philosopher Baroness Mary Warnock has died at the age of 94.

Cervical screening: DIY smear test could be 'game-changer'

Women who miss cervical screening appointments will be given home-testing kits in a pilot scheme.

NHS 'no chance of training enough staff'

Experts are warning nurses and GP shortages will worsen in England, unless radical action is taken.

Testosterone rules for female athletes 'unscientific'

There is a lack of evidence for the cut-off point adopted by athletics chiefs, a BMJ editorial says.