Coronavirus: Foreign Office tells Britons to stay on cruise ship

The Foreign Office says it hopes to evacuate the stranded UK passengers "later this week".

Children facing uncertain future, experts warn

The World Health Organization says "radical change" is needed before it is too late

Heart doctors 'held back stent death data'

The trial suggested more people fitted with stents were dying after three years than those given surgery.

Transgender patients self-medicating over NHS waits

One woman, who has waited over two years to be seen, said it had left her suicidal.

Jake Paul criticised after anxiety advice tweet

"Remember anxiety is created by you," the YouTuber told 3.7 million followers on Twitter.

Should organ donors be paid? The heavy toll of US kidney shortage

Thousands of Americans die from kidney failure each year, but efforts to find organ donors remain contentious.

Care provider Hft to shut services due to 'underfunding'

The chief executive of charity Hft said running the services was costing it £5,000 a week.

Small-brain link to long-term antisocial behaviour

Scans suggest people who show antisocial behaviour throughout life have some brain abnormalities.

Rapid tests to help tackle Glasgow's HIV outbreak

Results are available in minutes as Glasgow tackles the worst outbreak of the infection in decades.

Coronavirus: Rescue plan 'considered' for Britons trapped on cruise

The Foreign Office is contacting the 74 people trapped in Japan to ask if they want to fly home.